Commitment to quality

Our team from the office staff, hunting professionals, skinners are all dedicated to making your hunting experience in Southern Africa a memorable one. Years of experience and training ensures we will live up to and exceed your expectations and send you home with memories of a great Sabudawn Hunting Safari in one of the worlds foremost hunting areas. The equipment we utilize is first rate and we have a rigorous maintenance program which ensures vital equipment is kept in the best possible condition.

Trust us for experience

Our team of South African hunting professionals are led by Lucas Groenewald. Their knowledge and experience is sure to add to the hunting experience.

Even though hunting is a sport where results are very difficult to guarantee as a result of the inherent nature of the sport, we have in the past been able to maintain a success rate of 100% for the species we pursue. It is however very important that we know before the start of your safari the specific species you seek for the primary contributing factor to our high success rate is in choosing the right concession area for the species which you are interested in.


Lucas Groenewald (Outfitter) and his family

Fred de Beer - Professional Hunter