Hunting Areas

Sabudawn Safari’s have numerous concessions areas in parts of South Africa’s prime hunting areas and have a great diversity of different trophy species.

Our primary hunting areas are in the Limpopo Bushveld. The Limpopo Bushveld has for years been regarded as one of the finest South African hunting areas with a vast diversity of different species. The terrain is challenging and the hunting in this area is almost always rewarding. The Eastern Free State is a vast landscape of rolling hills and towering sandstone cliffs which offers a different type of hunting with long shots in the order of the day. We also hunt in Botswana for specific species and conduct some of our Big Five safaris in Zimbabwe where we are able to secure better trophy rates on the Big Five.

Even though hunting is a sport where results are very difficult to guarantee as a result of the inherent nature of the sport, we have in the past been able to maintain a success rate of 100 % for the species we pursue. It is however very important that we know before the start of your safari the specific species you seek for the primary contributing factor to our high success rate is in choosing the right concession area for the species which you are interested in.