Sabudawn Hunting safaris has it’s origin from the African language, Tswana, that means “Elephant”. Our beautiful reserve offers outstanding trophy hunting opportunities under exquisite South African skies. At Sabudawn we offer unique, comfortable and homely facilities, personal service and unbeatable trophy hunting success rates!

Being the owners, outfitter and PH’s of Sabudawn Hunting Safaris and with 20 years’ experience in the industry, we will assist you in the planning and execution of your entire hunting trip. This includes paperwork, such as the rifle importation permit, packing list, travel tips, recommendations and taxidermy services. We offer all of this at no extra cost, ensuring you a total relaxing and well-planned hunting safari.

Sabudawn offers true African hunting safaris with emphasis on “fair chase” and ethical hunting. Most, if not all hunting will take place on the Sabudawn hunting concessions. As Lucas Groenewald, (the owners and PH’s) and their families grew up in the area, they and their qualified team of field guides know the land and are intimately knowledgeable about the area you will be hunting on.

We understand that booking a safari is a big decision and that anyone thinking about it has a few questions. We will be there for you all the way, from the moment you start planning till the day your trophies are on your wall in your home.

When you have selected the safari you would like to book, you will be required to pay a deposit, the deposit amount will depend on the nature of the safari. 

It will be the clients responsibility before they do any payment to confirm with Lucas, Fred or Jenet that it is the correct bank details if they do not confirm via phone and they transfer to other accounts, Sabudawn will not be held responsible.

No shots are needed for South Africa. Our hunting areas are in Malaria free areas. Malaria medication is required if you are traveling to the Kruger National Park for a photo safari or hunting near Kruger National park any time between March and May & September and November. Malaria medication is required throughout the year if you are hunting in Zimbabwe. A yellow fever shot is required if traveling to Zimbabwe.

South Africa’s seasons are reversed from yours. For the most part, early mornings are crisp and cool but warm up around 9am. Mid-days are sunny and warm but start cooling down from 3pm and can range a great deal, so you have to pack to dress layers each day. Laundry is done daily, therefore three or four sets of hunting clothes will do: khaki, camo or neutral colors. A range of temperatures may be experienced in one day so dressing in layers is advisable.

Here is an indication of the temperatures that you might experience:

March and April
50-80 °F – Limpopo (North)
45-75 °F – Free State (South)

May and June
40-70 °F – Limpopo (North)
35-70 °F – Free State (South)

July and August
35-70 °F – Limpopo (North)
35-70 °F – Free State (South)

September and October
50-80 °F – Limpopo (North)
50-75 °F – Free State (South)

After we have agreed on the date of your safari and the amount of days you are to be here in South Africa you can then book your airline tickets. A direct flight to OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg is recommended either with Delta out of Atlanta or South African Airways out of Washington Dulles or JFK New York. If you are a US citizen you need only a valid passport with two clean pages to travel to South Africa. If you are NOT a US citizen, you might require a visa.

* See all required documentation at the bottom of this page

A temporary import permit from the South African Police service is required to bring your rifle into South Africa. We will apply for the permit on your behalf – all you have to do is send us a copy of your passport and a copy of your rifle’s Custom Declaration 4457 document as well as your flight itinerary. We will then complete your paperwork and apply for your permit.

Lucas Groenewald or a representative of Sabudawn Safaris will personally meet you at the airport and help you to collect your rifle. We will explain all procedures to you closer to the time when we get started with paperwork.

Sabudawn Safaris have numerous concession areas in parts of South Africa’s prime hunting areas and have a great diversity of different trophy species. Our primary hunting areas are in the Limpopo Bushveld. Our secondary hunting area is the Free State province, referred to as the South.

These two areas (Limpopo & Freestate) are totally different from one another in topography and vegetation. The North consists mostly of thick acacia thorns brush and small rocky outcrops. The South is characterized by open plains with very little tree cover and mountains up to 11 000 feet. Different animals occur in these two different areas. The Limpopo Bushveld has for years been regarded as one of the finest South African hunting areas with a vast diversity of different species. The terrain is challenging and the hunting in this area is always rewarding. Sabudawn Safaris consists of hunting areas that makes up a total of 220 000 acres.

Even though hunting is a sport where results are very difficult to guarantee as a result of the inherent nature of the sport, we have in the past been able to maintain a success rate of almost 100% for the species we pursue. It is however very important that we know before the start of your safari, the specific species you seek, for the primary contributing factor to our high success rate is in choosing the right concession area for the species which you are interested in.

Special care is taken to ensure a comfortable and relaxing stay with us. All rooms are en-suite and have a rustic African ambience. Relaxing at our boma, you can enjoy a breath-taking view where animals graze in the afternoon sun and quench their thirst before challenging the dark African night. The lodge consists of six rooms of which four are en-suite. Our restaurant is known for its delicious food, which caters for all tastes and needs. Here you can also enjoy our traditional African dishes.

Sabudawn Hunting Safaris takes pleasure in welcoming you to a true African hunting safari, an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy warm South African hospitality at our family owned business. Come and unwind in an area FREE of political unrest and diseases and enjoy an African hunting safari on our privately owned reserve in the safe and tranquil bushveld of the Limpopo Province.

Wildlife has been protected on our reserve for the past sixty years and some of the widest variety of plains game species in Southern Africa is found at Sabudawn Hunting Safaris. Ethical Hunting is our main objective and we always take extra care to ensure our continuous contribution to the sustainability of our beautiful and diverse country.

Your hunting day starts with a sunrise breakfast before challenging the wild African bush. Remember to apply sunblock and wear hats as often as possible as the African sun can be very harsh. Hunting will be a combination of driving, spotting and stalking of animals. Enjoy the thrill of stalking the “Grey Ghost” (Kudu) or chasing Bushbuck out of the thick brushes next to the Limpopo river. A deserving brunch at midday and a short “siesta” will recharge your batteries after an exciting hunting session.

Enjoy a quick drink to quench your thirst and off we go! Exhausted, but full of excitement you return to the camp, relax at the campfire with your favorite drink and have a mouth-watering dinner. Listen to the cry of the Jackal while experiencing the most beautiful African sunsets.

The field preparation and care of our client’s trophies are a TOP priority for us. Trophies may have to undergo a Dip & Pack process to be shipped raw and then mounted by your local taxidermist in the USA, or you can have them mounted in South Africa prior to shipping with our own taxidery; African Dip & Pack

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*** We will also need a copy of your passport and a copy of your flight itinerary